Social life, solved.

GonnaBe helps you see all of your options in one place – from specials, to events, to your friends' plans.

And it learns what you like, so now you've got a concierge for your social life.

See into the future with temporal mapping. It's like a crystal ball for what's going on later.


Temporal Mapping

See the future (no, really) – with a time slider you can check out what’s happening around you in 2 minutes, 2 hours, or 2 days. See time-sensitive specials (happy hours, discounts, etc.) events (concerts, meetups, parties). See your friends’ plans and publicly shared plans from businesses, artists, etc. around town.

📱 Interactive Feed

Browse what’s happening around you from just your followers, or the public feed. Interact – it’s your life. “Likes” and “Comments” for the non-committal in us all, Plan Details (including directions, map, and links) and Categories to utilize for quick browsing.

👥 Social Sharing

Include as many or as few people as you like. Invite your friends via: Facebook, Text, E-mail, or within GonnaBe.

📶 Wide Open Network

People don’t need to have the app in order to participate. Anyone you invite can simply opt in via your invite (Text, E-mail, or Facebook Message). Simple. You only need to have the app to make your own plans.