Social life, solved.

GonnaBe helps you see all of your options in one place – from specials, to events, to your friends' plans.

And it learns what you like, so now you've got a concierge for your social life.

See into the future with temporal mapping. It's like a crystal ball for what's going on later.


  • GonnaBe is the simplest way for you to make, share, and browse plans. No more texting a bunch of friends to find out what’s going on. We’ve made your social life as scannable as other data streams like email, Twitter, etc.

  • GonnaBe uses Facebook Connect, so you know everyone is real & you can easily find and follow your friends (though you can invite anyone to download the app). Choose an activity, place, and time, and share your plan to your followers or social channels in seconds. It’s easier than sending a text, and far less work. Scan your feed to see the plans of the friends you follow or see the feed of the public plans around you if you’re feeling spontaneous.

  • GonnaBe is more than a planning tool – it’s a platform for all things future. Most of the tools currently out there are just that: tools, loaded with features that you don’t need and a user experience that you don’t want. We’ve made it easier than texting to keep up with everything that’s going on.

  • GonnaBe works a lot like Instagram – you can share your plans with just your followers, or out to your social channels. It’s as private or as public as you want it to be.

  • They won’t – though they’ll wish they had. Big companies like Facebook are not supposed to innovate like this. They made the FB Event Page, and that’s as good as they’ll do. We’ll improve on the concept, just like Twitter improved on status updates, Instagram improved on photo sharing, and Pinterest improved on links and

  • Foursquare was a game that made your social life more fun & interesting. GonnaBe is an information platform that makes your life more accessible. It’s more like Twitter than Foursquare.

  • Forecast figured that the “future check-in” was the answer, but they didn’t allow invites or planning for almost the entire life of their service. Also, their friend group was based on your Foursquare friends list, which is in most cases not the people you hang out with the most.

  • Many, many reasons. Check our blog post on this subject to learn them all…